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bring that special touch to your events with these add on enhancements.

Custom Monograms

Wow your guest, with this stunning visual effect. Light-up display of your name (s), image, or logo on your dance floor or walls. Custom monogram lighting is a visual treat for you and your guests and allows you to add your signature to the venue.

Dancing on the cloud

Transform your dance, your pictures, and your video of the biggest night of your life to turning it into a magical experience. Enhance your first dance, or other special event with a low-lying cloud field.

Neon glow sticks

Send your guest home with a little piece of your reception. We offer a personalized foam neon glow stick to hand out to your guest to help light up the dance floor.


Adding a LED TV (or 2) will take your event to another dimension. It transforms your party into a multi-media recap of your life, enhancing the celebration and the party itself. A photo montage of the guest(s) of honor, real-time pictures (Zap Shots) of your event or music videos are just a few of the advantages of having a LED TV at your event.